Landscape design
and construction process

We offer complete management of your landscaping project with an emphasis on listening to, and understanding your individual needs.

Onsite consultation

Gaining an understanding of what our clients want to achieve is the foundation in creating any new garden. After initial contact, an onsite consultation with Landscape Designer and Managing Director, Elliot Rehwinkel, will be arranged. This provides the opportunity for an open discussion around design options and the products available, enabling us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your vision, your ideas, your requirements, and your budget.

Landscape concept design

Based on the information from the initial consultation, a proposal plan will be created considering functionality, aesthetics, owner maintenance and budget. We will provide you with conceptual drawings to give an overall visual image of how your new garden will look. 

Quote and cost estimate

Accompanying the concept designs, key aspects of the plan will be detailed and a quote will be provided. At this stage, we will talk you through materials, plants, finishes and options for delivery on your vision. This stage generally requires at least one or more onsite meetings allowing us to walk you through the design proposal. It also gives us a chance to answer any questions or make any amendments if needed.

Landscape construction

Once the design process is complete, it is time for our experienced team to turn the concept into reality. Our qualified landscape construction tradesmen, horticulturalists and contractors all possess a wealth of knowledge and experience across their respective fields, crucial in bringing any garden design to life. We will keep you updated on progress as we move through the project plan, ensuring you stay informed along the way. Managing director Elliot Rehwinkel is heavily involved in every aspect of the build process, working closely with his team and his clients to ensure each individual project is delivered at a first-class level.

Finalisation, sign-off and handover

Once we have completed the construction of your landscape project, we move into finalisation, sign-off and handover. We provide you with any information about the operation of lights, irrigation and any other technical aspects, as well as the care information for your new plants. We pride ourselves on aftersales service and cherish the relationships we have gained over the years through ongoing connections with our gardens.

From the initial site preparation to the final handover, every care is taken to ensure that you will enjoy your garden for years to come.

Throughout the process of creating each individual garden we remain acutely aware of the responsibility and trust placed upon us by each and every client as we look to consistently deliver a service that exceeds their expectations