Selecting the right plants for hot climates

Selecting the right plants for hot climates

How To Select Heat-Loving Plants that Can Handle Summer

Once it gets swelteringly hot and the temperatures hit the ceiling, you know it’s summer. And it’s time to bid your blooming garden goodbye as the vibrant colors give way to faded colors.

However, you can keep your gardens radiant even in summer.

While the sunny seasons aren’t ideal for most common plants, some plants are equipped to thrive in such weather. Selecting the right plants for hot climates like Canberra ACT, preserves your garden’s bloom.

The secret to picking these heat-loving perennials lies in this definitive guide. So, keep scrolling to learn what flowers to plant in summer.

What Makes a Plant Heat-tolerant?

Heat-tolerant plants or flowers simply thrive and remain healthy, irrespective of what the thermometer says. It means they seamlessly soak up the heat and keep up with photosynthesis. Even under extreme conditions that wither other plants or flowers.

Now, what’s the best way to recognize these plants besides putting them to the test?

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What are the best plants and trees to plant around a pool?

What are the best plants and trees to plant around a pool?

Plants add color and character to your poolside.

Picture scenic flowers that double as lunch covers, serving as a lounge on days you’d love to sit in serenity. Flip through the pages of your favorite books and enjoy the tropical view.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Investing in pool landscaping improves the scenery of your pool, boosting its appeal on summer days. But to get it right, you’ll have to select trees and flowers that are great for poolside.

Why, we hear you ask.

These plants are immune to chlorine’s effects and will infuse your pool with privacy and calm. If that isn’t the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, what is?

To help you achieve this inviting environment, we’ve created a detailed list of top plants suitable for poolsides.

What’s Unique About Poolside Plants?

Before giving your poolside a facelift, it’s essential to understand why you need specific plants. Environmental conditions affect plant growth immensely.

Hence, an area like the pool isn’t conducive to all plants. Poolside plants are prone to increased sunlight reflection, chemical splash from the pool, and uncontrolled water exposure. Only a few plants are resilient enough to withstand such dire conditions.

Besides, with Canberra’s weather variation, you are better off with plants that thrive all year. Now that you know the cruciality, what are the best trees for the poolside?

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