Plants add color and character to your poolside.

Picture scenic flowers that double as lunch covers, serving as a lounge on days you’d love to sit in serenity. Flip through the pages of your favorite books and enjoy the tropical view.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Investing in pool landscaping improves the scenery of your pool, boosting its appeal on summer days. But to get it right, you’ll have to select trees and flowers that are great for poolside.

Why, we hear you ask.

These plants are immune to chlorine’s effects and will infuse your pool with privacy and calm. If that isn’t the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, what is?

To help you achieve this inviting environment, we’ve created a detailed list of top plants suitable for poolsides.

What’s Unique About Poolside Plants?

Before giving your poolside a facelift, it’s essential to understand why you need specific plants. Environmental conditions affect plant growth immensely.

Hence, an area like the pool isn’t conducive to all plants. Poolside plants are prone to increased sunlight reflection, chemical splash from the pool, and uncontrolled water exposure. Only a few plants are resilient enough to withstand such dire conditions.

Besides, with Canberra’s weather variation, you are better off with plants that thrive all year. Now that you know the cruciality, what are the best trees for the poolside?

Pool-Friendly Plants for Great Aesthetics

Want to leave your guest in awe with a fab-looking poolside? Below are some options to explore:

1.  Viburnum Suspense

These dense, low-maintenance hedges are the perfect attractive pool border. In terms of functionality, it offers privacy, forming a protective barrier for your pool.

The robust appearance gives your pool a rich look. If you have seen the best of these dark green hedges, wait until they bloom and reveal small, attractive petals. You only need a little maintenance to maintain this flower, and it’s resistant to high temperatures. All it needs is a well-draining soil!

2. Frangipani

Watching this tree bloom creates one of the most satisfying feelings ever. It has large green leaves that are easy to extract from pools, reducing the chances of filtration issues.

Thriving seamlessly under any condition, this tree has showy cream flowers, making your pool a sight for sore eyes.

Frangipani has a non-invasive nature– thus, you can plant it around a paved concrete or a wall without any worries. All you need to do is water it well, and you’ll get rewarded with a stunning view.

3. Star Jasmine

For a low-maintenance plant, star jasmine steals the show. Flaunting dark green leaves and white flowers, this flower incredibly boosts the ambiance of a poolside. The maximum growth is 1-2 meters, and it needs pruning or fertilizing maybe once a year.

Star Jasmine can seamlessly be the star that brightens up your pool ambiance.

4.  Golden Cane Palm

If you’d love to add a touch of tropical view to your pool landscape, this is the right plant. The lush greenery it affords creates a soothing feel. Planting golden cane Palms offers shade and privacy for your pool.

This tree is often potted, but here’s a caveat: You can’t afford to plant it in a space with direct sunlight. If you want to maximize the ambiance, plant it in a cool area. The good side of this tree is limited litter. The leaves don’t fall often, so you have to worry less about cleaning leaves.

Finally, water these plants often to reap all the benefits!

5. Agave Attenuate

The Agave Attenuate is an impressive addition to any poolside. Its bold and unusual design adds elegance to your home.

Forming an attractive hedge around your pool, you may use this plant to achieve your much-desired privacy. Agave Attenuate pairs well with succulents and may grow up to 5 meters. With minimal shade or total sunlight exposure, this plant will thrive. While low maintenance, the least you can do is plant it in well-draining soil.

6.  Echeveria Elegans Or Mexican Snowball

This succulent creates a unique appeal at your poolside with its rosettes of velvety leaves. Echeveria has pink-tipped flowers with yellow hues. With this plant, your landscape can be brimming with exotic ambiance.

Echeveria Elegans require little maintenance and grow easily. Another perk of having this flower is its resistance to drought.

7. Mondo Grass

Also called monkey grass, Mondo grass is a fantastic option for poolside plants. This ground cover performs well under almost any condition. With full sun exposure or a suitable soil condition, you can groom the Mondo grass to add appeal to your poolside.

8. Banana Plants

Go fully tropical with this plant. With large green leaves, banana trees grow tall and boost privacy.

Some varieties grow 2 meters, while others grow up to 4 meters. Positioning is essential for this tree. While it’s resistant to sunlight, it might need protection from wind. But generally, it’s great for poolside.

9. Bougainvillea

Next on our list is Bougaivilleas, the flower with bright, vibrant colors. If you groom it to grow well against your fence, you’ll achieve stunning coverage around your pool. Bougainvillea boasts various colors ranging from orange to pink, white, red, and purple. This dainty and delicate flower is drought-resistant and suitable for your poolside.

10. Birds of Paradise

Eye-catching best describes this flower with dark green foliage and blue and orange flowers. It boasts a unique shape that’s reminiscent of birds. Once planted in well-draining soil, this flower will turn heads and beautify your poolside.

Planting and Care Tips for These Plants

Most of the flowers on this list require little maintenance. But here are some care tips to maximize their bloom time.

Soil Preparation

Some of these plants are great in well-draining soil. However, you may improve the structure and nutrient content by enriching the soil with compost before planting.

Watering Needs

Although these plants are drought-resistant, it doesn’t stop you from watering them until they are established. Only then can the plants take root and withstand any weather. Mulching may also help retain solid moisture by limiting water evaporation.


Generally, leaving plants to grow wildly inhibits the aesthetics. You may prune them often to boost healthy growth and maintain a particular form or size.

Final Verdicts

Always ensure that you care for these plants properly to keep them blooming for a long time. For instance, keep them at a safe distance if you have a saltwater pool. Also, provide adequate protection from wind, especially for plants like banana trees.

Water your plants often and keep a safe distance between them to allow space for the roots. Overall, remember that these plants are for aesthetics, to create an inviting outdoor space.

With these plants, you can achieve any look you want. Need a professional landscaper to work some magic on your poolside? Contact us today.